Why You Need To Maintain Your Bowstring

Natural ingredients deteriorate over time. When your bow is strung, the stomach is under compression, and over time that compression will make the bow weaker and more vulnerable, and it will carry the set. If you’re going to shoot your bow and keep going during the day, so be it. But, if in five hours you will not shoot it, then simply let it go. Substitute your string if it looks outdated with the best longbow strings.

If your strings look old and worn, replace them before it broke the bow. If you have any doubts about the condition of your string, just replace it. Keep a wax on it too, as that will make it last longer. Wax helps to hold the strings together and at the same time shields them from dampness.

Don’t save your bow by placing it at the end and leaning at the corner. For that, don’t stick the tip on the ground and lean on the bow as if it were a walking stick. Those tips are necessary for the bow to work because without an end, it won’t hold the string. So you don’t want to rest the tip on the ends as it will use up the ends faster.

If you’re like a lot of people, when you lean one object in a corner, the next thing you know, you’re also leaning your gun, your broom, and all sorts of other things in the corner. If they’re leaning on your wrong bow, you might be able to break your tip. Alternatively, uneven weight on the lower body may cause slight deformation.

It is better to store your bow in one of two ways. Either lay it somewhere horizontally (either on the floor, on a shelf, or between two pegs) or hang it on a string. Check out this bow rack for ideas on the proper way to store bows. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You only need one nail or spike to hang your bow by the string, or two to place it horizontally.

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