What To Avoid In Exterior Painting

Painting is not as easy as imagined. There are many common mistakes when painting, especially in painting the exterior of a house. This is because people often find it easy. Before starting exterior painting, you should first learn the character of the paint and the building. Don’t let the process go wrong so that the results are not optimal. Painting the exterior does require a different treatment from the interior. Many factors affect the color resistance and durability of exterior paint, especially the weather. Hot sun, rainfall, and humidity make exterior paint more vulnerable. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what to consider when choosing or doing exterior painting. That is why it is better to use the Woodstock painting service if you want it to be done smoothly and quickly recommended site.

Most of the walls of houses are indeed made of brick and cement. Some of them use bamboo, wood, or natural stone. Your exterior could also be a combination of cement on the walls, wood for the ceiling, and iron accents for the facade. Each type of material requires a different type of paint because of its different characteristics. Buy paint according to the designation of the material. Also note that you prefer a glossy, semi-glossy, or matt finish or finish. Avoid ignoring paint specifications. Because you will be exposed to the weather, of course, the most important thing is to make sure that the paint you choose is resistant to weather conditions.

Therefore, choose one that is not only waterproof, but also heat resistant so that it is not easy to crack, is not easy to peel off, has high adhesion, is not easy to bubble, is anti-fungal, moss-resistant, not easy to fade, and is alkaline resistant. In general, solvent-based paints or those with an oil-based solvent, are more suitable for exteriors than water-based ones. In oil-soluble paints, water cannot enter the walls because of the very narrow pores of the paint, but it can overcome the moisture under the surface layer of the paint by evaporating it.

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